Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cost Saving Tips using Silver Chain

Silver is a precious metal, and it is important when using sterling silver chains, to be cost effective in your designs. Here are some cost saving tips:

1. Choose silver chains where large loops are connected with smaller soldered rings, so that you lose less when you cut the chain.

2. Choose silver chains that have a combination of different sized links. This creates an illusion of movement. The links look almost as thick as a thicker silver chain with consistently sized links, but will weigh less.

3. Cut a section of thicker silver chain for the front, and use a thinner chain for the back 40%. You don't see much of the thinner chain, and while lying flat on display, the thinner silver chain will just look a bit more tapered.

For the Back:

4. When creating a long necklace using silver chains, select a variety of weight and widths. Cut 4" sections and connect them. This creates interest and movement. The effect is bulking the look of the entire necklace, while cutting cost using lighter silver chains.

5. Save the cut loops from silver chains. You can reuse them as jumprings. Use them to connect sections of silver chain. They will blend perfectly. If the metal is soft, hammer lightly, and it will harden. For larger loops, you can use the silver chain loop as a split ring by turning them with a pair of round nose plyers.

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