Monday, October 26, 2009

Jewellery Trunk Show 4 -- Other Trunk Show Practices

Some other jewellery trunk show practices

A number of my friends in the industry have done jewellery trunk shows and practices vary. Here are some of their experiences with jewellery tunk show:

- Many stores don't give discounts off the top

- Some give discounts for items that need to be ordered "delayed gratification discount" of 5% only

- Some jewellery boutiques don't advertise, but most do. Sometimes the jewellery designer pays for part of the advertisement, but this is extremely rare.

- Some jewellery boutiques send out postcards to their mailing list, but some just leave them at the store level if their mailing list is too. large, or the traffic is more transient at the store (e.g. if the boutique is situated in a tourist mall).

- Some jewellery designers have had $15000 (retail) sales for a one-day jewellery trunk show. Some have sold no new jewellery at a show, but have helped sell many pieces of jewellery that the boutique already owned from the jewellery designer. The whole idea of a jewellery trunk show is to create more traffic and a bigger following for the jewellery designer's line of jewellery, and more traffic and sales for the boutique.

- Almost all jewellery designers & stores alike have said that it gets better with time & trial and error

It is important to keep the goals for the jewellery trunk show in mind while planning for and executing it. It is not easy work and takes a great deal of planning. However, a jewellery trunk show is almost always a rewarding experience, and one in which both the jewellery designer and the boutique operators will benefit from.

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